The Stranger endorses Cary Moon for mayor

The Stranger

July 11, 2017

"Cary Moon deserves your vote"

"With so many points of agreement, this race boils down to policy and specifics. On that matter, one candidate clearly stands out.

For her bold housing proposals, firm grasp of Seattle's most pressing issues, and decades of work fighting to keep the city livable and urban, Cary Moon deserves your vote.

But we fawn over Moon because she's smart and she has vision—and this city needs brainy, visionary leadership.

Moon wants the economic benefits of a booming tech sector to benefit everyone, and she outlines a plan for making it happen."

The Urbanist

July 06, 2017

"The Urbanist is proud to [SOLELY] endorse Cary Moon for Mayor of Seattle"

"a nuanced understanding of the issues facing Seattle, and a bold, innovative approach to solving them... able to stay true to her urbanist ideals about what makes a good city despite outside pressures and interests... distinguishing herself in this campaign by bringing up innovative policy proposals that get at the root of Seattle’s affordability crisis... Her bold, visionary platform truly sets herself apart in a field where every candidate is trying to make the case that they are the most progressive."